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Health is paramount

For some wellness isn’t just a passing phase, it’s a way of life. Shirali Puri is the Founder and Wellness Expert of Ashirali Wellness, a destination that puts wellbeing above all else. The centre has been formed to offer individuals and corporates an opportunity to become better versions of themselves. “People are always interested in making their lives better. They just need to know how,” says Shirali an NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Yoga teacher. Along with her husband, Ashish Kumar, they decided to deal with the stress of work and offer guidance to like minded people. It was in 2014 when Shirali quit her stressful job to focus on a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. She made it her goal to help corporates live more effective lives right from increasing sales to growing the business to dealing with somatic and psychosomatic imbalances.

The couple have lived in the Middle East for close to a decade. Shirali works with corporate groups in the UAE to offer their staff tips on incorporating a healthy lifestyle. “Many groups ask me to offer their teams the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also offer personal sessions,” she says.

She believes that there is a strong awareness of the positive effects of yoga. “People are aware of the benefits they simply want to learn the right way to perform the asanas (poses). Clients can opt for the 121 session package which focus on healing the mind and body. These can be taken online from the comfort of one’s home.

With modern lifestyles being so hectic people often put health on the back burner. They try to handle stress until it becomes too much to keep up with. What Ashirali hopes to do, is put the client first and above all else. “We have seen people’s lives transformed from simply adopting a few lifestyle changes,” says Shirali. The group also conducts yoga teacher training, a learn as you go programme that is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and the Indian Air Force, among others.

With the pandemic the emphasis on health is even more prominent. Shirali meets people on a daily basis who complain that they want a way to cope with the pressures of working in these new conditions. With the right techniques anything is possible. All it takes is the right advice. “I have witnessed the benefits of using NLP in my own life. It can be liberating for so many who are struggling with an imbalance in their lives."

Shirali Puri, Wellness expert

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Shirali Puri
Shirali Puri
19. Aug. 2021

Thank You so much for writing this so beautifully ❤️

Gefällt mir
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