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How are you counting down?

This year has been called many things. Despicable being one of them. Is it really the fault of 2020? Or is it our perception of looking at a point in human history when we were literally caught off-guard?

It has been a year when some of us have dreaded oft repeated phrases like 'Zoom meeting' and 'work from home,' and that annoying oxymoron, 'social distancing.' Meetings with friends and family virtually are fun but the extra hours of work from home is not. The lines for personal space have suddenly blurred for many.

Of course on the flip side, being online has allowed us to carry on with some degree of normalcy. Something unimaginable 20 years ago. Can you imagine a forced vacation from March to December?

This pandemic shows no signs of leaving our planet. There's a surge and variants in various places. Doctors and nurses are at their wit's end. But wait a minute, a vaccine has been discovered in the same year. Now that's something we ought to celebrate as a species.

You may have your own stories of triumph or trial. There is no judgement here. But chances are that if you've made it alive, you have a lot to be grateful for. Taking a piece out of this life lesson I decided to dwell on the more positive aspect of a very confusing time. It has been a year where I've seen my children grow up in front of my eyes. Yes huddled behind laptop screens and often sneaking my mobile phone away to use it themselves, but they are within arm's reach and that is something I wouldn't give up for anything. The pandemic has forced us to examine our health and take charge of it in any way possible. The sooner we face the fact that life has changed, the faster we will be at accepting it.

As the curtains come down on a tumultuous 2020, let's light a candle for our collective future. Let's not set unrealistic deadlines on 2021. In the end, the year is what we make it.

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