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In the eye of the storm

Of late I am more inclined to believe that the skin under my eyes have got a permanent home. No matter how much (or little) sleep I try to contain, the eyes show it all. It is a common complaint which most of us seem to have. Thanks to being glued to our smartphones and laptops, our eyes get the least attention.

The team at Herbal Essentials have just released a Hydrating Eye Gel (AED 70). It is claimed to contain a visibly plumping formula that instantly absorbs upon application, awakening the delicate eye area.

Here's some healthy advice from the experts at Herbal Essentials. Eye contour has the thinnest skin on the body

The eye contour has the thinnest skin on our entire body, and is very delicate. Our eyelids lack oil glands, and are prone to dryness. As your skin ages, it tends to become drier because the sebaceous glands begin to produce less sebum or oil. Eye products with humectant ingredients help reduce puffiness around the eyes and prevent dryness in the area.

Use an eye cream and not just any face moisturizer

Eye creams or gels are specifically formulated to be used in the eye area, making them safer and more beneficial. Usually, the consistency of an eye cream differs from that of a normal face moisturizer, and they contain more potent ingredients formulated specifically for the under eye.

Look for these ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid acts as a humectant to moisturise and plump, Vitamin E soothes, conditions and nourishes the delicate skin and Vitamin C, contains powerful antioxidants with skin brightening properties. We also love Arnica in eye care products as it is known to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Apply eye creams/serums properly and carefully

Gently pat the cream or serum around the eyes with the ring finger. Do not drag or rub them. Allow the product to absorb into the skin fully before applying other skincare products or cosmetics.

Other tips to maintain healthy skin around the eye area

Using eye masks that have been cooled in the fridge before use.

Be gentle when removing and applying eye makeup.

Get enough sleep.

Exercise to improve blood circulation.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Herbal Essentials products are cruelty-free, sustainable and with at least 90% natural origin content and include no mineral oils, sulphates or parabens. They can be purchased online at

I have a few tips of my own.

Do a few focus exercises to keep your eyes healthy. These can be repeated many times in the day.

Ensure to look at nature to give your eyes some much-needed respite from a screen. Cuddle your pet or children and rest your eyes, holding on to them (the pet or child) tightly as you do. Take a mental picture. Its the best feeling in the world and your senses will thank you for it.

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