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Keeping your eyes in check

by Daniel Mathias The New BenQ Stylish Eye-Care Monitor GW2480T is one for almost every average consumer out there. With a 24-inch 1080p Full HD display, it’s got the best features to offer at its size and price (AED 750). For starters, the design of the monitor is a very minimalist one. The mainframe and the stand are what you would expect, with the ability of the monitor to turn 90° to its side to have a neat portrait monitor used secondarily perhaps to your laptop screen. I’ve used it mainly in this orientation to write many project reports and used it for my online classes, with my notes on the monitor, and my class on my laptop screen.

With online classes comes the need to sit at my desk for long hours at a time, for which the GW2480T has me covered. It’s built with Low Blue Light Technology which filters out harmful blue light, to help with my sleep quality and keep my good eyesight in check. It automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness according to surrounding ambient light, thanks to its Brightness Intelligence Technology, built into the chin of the monitor. As for connectivity, your standard HDMI slot is included in the back, including a VGA Port along with a headphone jack if necessary. The monitor also has external speakers for convenience, which can sometimes be a huge help for desktop PC users.

The GW2480T has a standard 60hz display which doesn’t make it a high-end gaming monitor as you might need higher refresh rates for some titles. However, it can be used for casual gaming in non-heavy titles where your FPS (Frames Per Second) isn’t the most important thing. Finally, I think that the monitor is a very good purchase and can prove very useful for those who use a monitor and are concerned about their eye health. This model also comes in a 27-inch size which includes the same specifications, but for most people, 24-inches is the right size for a desktop monitor.

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