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Light a spark

Dubai, UAE - 25 March 2022 - Popular Indian fashion app launches exclusive NFT in partnership with Fashion TV

When the stupendously popular social media app Tik Tok (which currently has 1 billion users) was suddenly banned in India, Sumit Ghosh came up with a plan. He was going to light the internet on fire with something new. An app that he titled Chingari, which translates to ‘spark’ in Hindi. This was 2018, way before the world was confronted with an international pandemic.

Today, in 2022, Chingari is India’s fastest-growing short-video app. Powered by GARI, the home grown app and has emerged as the one-stop destination for entertaining, engaging videos across diverse entertainment categories. It’s eclectic platform entertains 130M+ users across India, and witnesses videos in 15+ languages.

Just recently the brand announced an exclusive partnership with Fashion TV (FTV), the largest fashion and lifestyle broadcasting channel in a star-studded event held in Dubai. The event was attended by celebrities, international and local influencers, high-profile executives and investors from around the world. It also showcased the exclusive GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs in a 75-piece fashion show designed by Madiha Abaida of Extremedy Fashion Design.

“With this launch in the GCC we want everyone to learn about our app which has grown internationally,” said Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder of Chingari. “Unlike other social media apps which only give you likes, when you create videos, on Chingari you start getting ownership on the platform as well. We got 30 million downloads on the week of the ban in India and it just took off from there!” Chingari’s native token, GARI and Fashion TV together launched 100 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) featuring GARI Panda. The tribe of Pandas will unlock tremendous value for Panda holders inside the Chingari-Verse. Holders of these NFTs will have exclusive benefits including access to “invite-only” parties and fashion events hosted by FTV including Fashion Metaverse, a chance to meet and greet Bollywood A-listers and a privilege to be a part of an exclusive Panda NFT global community. Globally, this is the first time that Fashion TV is collaborating with a short video app. The partnership will allow Chingari, powered by GARI to exclusively play FTV content on its app. The partners are also set to launch a fashion Metaverse.

Commenting on the success Ghosh says, “This partnership will be mutually beneficial for both brands with Chingari getting exclusive rights to play Fashion TV content on its platform. Further, all exclusive 100 GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs, will turn out to be a gold rush for the artists and celebrities across the globe.” Michel Adam Lisowski, President of FTV adds, “The partnership aligns with our vision to make our premium content accessible from the fashion industry’s most successful designers, models, photographers to everyone. The Fashion TV- GARI Panda NFTs is another exciting offer to the community wherein the early adopters could churn out crazy payouts.” The event was held at DIFC. “We want to appeal to those Gen Z and Gen Y creators who have great aspirations in life, says Ghosh” The team certainly picked the perfect location because in Dubai, the future is here.

Sumit Ghosh - CEO and Founder of Chingari App at the grand launch in Dubai

The building of a new partnership

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