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Set the place a - blaze

When we first get to the entrance of Blaze Burgers, the sign on the door has a rather hilarious sign. 'No stupid people beyond this point.' Its a pretty bold statement to make for an eatery that's barely opened five months ago. This premium burger joint has met tremendous fame in Bahrain and is now receiving a lot of attention in the UAE.

Something tells me that this was going to be a fun venue. We choose the outdoor seating to soak in the January weather. Located amid the bustling scene of The Walk at JBR. To me it resembles Beverly Hills, where luxury cars and fashionably dressed people brush past each other. We are literally a stone’s throw away from the beach access. In the distance an outdoor foos-ball table is set up for the public and teenagers are having a game. There’s an outdoor theatre in the vicinity and everyone seems to be on a mission to make their weekend matter.

Soon our focus soon shifts to the spread prepared by the staff at Blaze. My friend is off carbs and is delighted that they are serving a lettuce wrap burger. Its both novel and appealing for those watching their weight.

We order a decent amount of fries. There are crazy fries, angry fries, regular fries and a yummy portion of onion rings. The portions are large so most of us are full with just one whopping burger and sides.

The 6ABOOGA burger is made of American cuts and Wagyu Beef and loaded with cheeses of your choice. There are six sauces to choose from. I tried the Angus beef burger. The grilled chicken burger is also a nice alternative. At Blaze the sauces make for an interesting accompaniment.  

Karun Chettri, the manager of Blaze Burgers helps us select the best sellers. “To ensure flavor and juiciness, the patties are only ground before grilling, and kept for a maximum of two hours,” he says. The 400 sq. m. outlet, which can seat 130 customers at a time, is a space where exposed natural materials are interrupted by edgy art including murals, objects, paintings and graffiti created by local and international artists.

The drinks arrive. If you order milkshakes, you are given a free refill. Now that has everyone smiling. They serve dry shakes made entirely of ice cream. If I were you, I’d try the Superhero milkshake. It’s a chocolate-flavoured drink that in my opinion wasn’t as sweet as the Maltesers’ milkshake which is literally like heaven for the kids.

We ordered a red velvet cheesecake shake which is pretty decent as well. One thing is for sure, the tempting menu doesn’t disappoint. The staff at Blaze is both polite and professional. They are easily on call to help with queries and special requests. I’m definitely going to go back to Blaze, if only to try their desserts.

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