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Would you go vegan?

When Costa Coffee invited me to their headquarters in Dubai to test out their latest range of vegan foods, I wasn't sure what to expect. I take my meat quite seriously but am quite happy to try something new so kept an open mind during the process. We were four tasters who were introduced to the range of vegan treats and I must say the food and the conversation kept me interested. To start off they did offer us fruit smoothies. Stepping off from the 45-degree heat, those smoothies were like a ticket to paradise. I also tried the Moroccan salad which was laced with beetroot slices and soft chickpea. There were also a few burritos and a vegan sausage roll which actually did taste like a piece of meat. Made me wonder what the fascination for meat taste is for vegans.

The Costa team was happy to show us some of their vegan desserts as well. There are gluten-free bars that look irresistible.

A fruit tart that looked like it would be a heavy pastry was surprisingly fresh. Their vegan muffin filling is made with local ingredients as the brand is trying its best to support local brands.

With all of us more conscious about what we eat these days, it is rather heartening that brands are investing their time and energy in keeping things healthy. Give it a shot on your next coffee break.

Vegan sausage roll

Vegan muffin

Butter nut squash and tomato burritos

All-natural almond cinnamon bar

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Shirali Puri
Shirali Puri
19 ago 2021

Dear Abigail, this blog on Costa coffee is so helpful…. I am 90% vegetarian 🌱 after reading the blog I had to try Costa’s vegan sausage roll… I must say it was delicious 😊 Thank you so much for writing ✍️

Me gusta
Abigail Mathias
Abigail Mathias
19 ago 2021
Contestando a

Thank you so much Shirali. I am delighted to hear that my blog has been useful.

Me gusta
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