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An immersive experience

At first glance, the BENQ GV30 resembles a trendy radio speaker. The LCD smart mini projector is equipped with an Android TV dongle for streaming and Chromecast. It offers wireless projection. Offering a 135-degree projection angle and USB connectivity this package can be purchased online for approximately Dhs. 2,199.

There's no stopping you from projecting the image on your living room ceiling if that is what you fancy. We rewatched the Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker classic Rush Hour and were only too thrilled to follow the gripping action-comedy on this projector.

Offering an enhanced cinematic immersive experience, the built-in 2.1 channel features dual 4-watt midrange tweeters with a powerful 8W woofer. Viewers can thereby hear the subtle flow of water, rustling leaves, as well as booming explosions. The piece comes with a Bluetooth speaker.

What struck me most about the design is how easily portable the piece is which can be taken to different rooms or locations. A basic yellow loop fixed on the top of the machine enables anyone to lift the projector in one finger and carry round. The GV30 sits on a magnetic stand allowing the piece to rest in a stable position.

The audio quality is sufficient for a large-sized family room, there is also an audio out port if you wish to connect it to an external sound system. There are six picture modes but your safest bet is to stick to cinema mode for optimum colour quality.

The remote allows for easy navigation while the entire piece and its components can be tucked away in a case that can be zipped up and stored away.

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