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Burned dosa chalega

It has been one of those challenging starts to the week. Yup, this is the 'new normal.' (I am getting increasingly irritable when I hear these catchphrases which have sprung up thanks to the pandemic). But more on that later.

Many teachers like my self have been teaching online and as most will tell you, it is no piece of apple pie. In fact online teaching has caused more stress for our fraternity than most would choose to agree. A Math teacher was found dead during a class after a massive heart attack. This is no joke. Her family could not even attend the funeral due to the lockdown restrictions.

Teaching students so that they do not miss out on the learning process is one thing, we have been challenged to take online learning to the next level. Up the ante as they say. Yes, I know what you are thinking. It comes with the territory. With the economic situation being the way it is, no one wants to upset the apple cart.

While I end every zoom call with a smile, it is important survey the damage. My family has gotten used to lunch being served at 4 pm. Today I had some free time so decided to make dosas for the very first time.

Now that I think about it, the idea is insane. You can watch umpteen number of neatly curated videos on how to create crispy mouth-watering dosas but they don't do squat, if you are a novice. While my tava looked more like a war relic, I batted away, like the last cricketer at the crease, on a one-day tournament. The dosas were anything but circular, however my family is too polite to complain.

It got me thinking about the pedestal we put ourselves on. As mothers, teachers, wives and yes as human beings. Must everything be perfect?

Just like the next person on Instagram, I've often put up happy pictures of things that matter the most to me. But there are days when I intentionally stay away. As I chewed away at my overdone dosa, I started to wonder if we are setting ourselves and the new generation up for failure from the start. Yes there have been over two months of staying mostly indoors. Of course it can drive you up the wall especially if you live alone or are bundled with extended family that may have unrealistic expectations. No matter your particular situation, I hope you don't need to tick off all the boxes, all of the time.

Sadly a few moments later, the news of a well-known actor taking his life made the rounds on social media. Someone in the prime of life, battling depression. While we come to terms with why and post tributes, lets pause for a moment and just breathe deep. Storms will come, things will not go as planned, but don't be too averse to picking up the phone to ask for help. The current situation has made us all students, learning to live with new parameters. Let's be okay with a few dirty dishes and even less marks for the time being.

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1 Comment

Lana Fernandes
Lana Fernandes
Jun 14, 2020

I agree with what you said about us wanting to be perfect about everything. Its like we cant accept our imperfections and I believe we shouldnt we teaching the younger generation that everything is always perfect, because the reality is, that it isnt . Its time for us to accept burnt dosas and all ,coz thats what life is made of :)

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