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Celebrate iftar in style

We were fortunate to visit Yalumba at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre recently to try their Ramadan offerings. The ambience, the food and the staff perfectly set the mood and here's why.

Iftar offerings at the venue are a mix of contemporary Pan-Arabian and international buffet options and offers guests a chance to create special memories under the crescent moon, as Yalumba transforms its outdoor space into a dreamy Arabian oasis.

Whether overlooking the sunset from a private Majlis or gathering at the terrace, one can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and savor delicacies with a selection of 20 different date flavors, dried fruits and jallab to break your fast. Then enjoy Arabic hot and cold mezzes including spiced chicken skewers with a pistachio dip or crostini with fattoush and olives for the table, whilst enjoying peaceful sounds from an Arabic oud player.

For the main course, gather around a range of cooking stations where chefs will fire up the grill, with Khoresh fesenjoon, tamarind stuffed fish, Moroccan chicken and Harissa lamb meatballs. Or go for a more traditional experience with succulent mixed grills, batata harra, sheikh el-mahshi and the famous lamb ouzi. Ending at the dessert section, enjoy an assortment of Turkish delights or baklava, kunafa and more.

Take advantage of the cool nights and relax by the pool for Suhoor, offering a set menu of Arabian delicacies including cold and hot mezze, soups, chicken kabsa as well as sweets. I simply enjoyed the saffron icecream and the cheesecake. It was so nice to see the staff all dressed in Arabian outfits attending to guests. You can't help but want to linger on till way in to the night.

What: Iftar Buffet and Suhoor Set Menu

When: 22nd March - 21st April (dates will align with official Ramadan moon sightings)


Iftar Buffet: Sunset until 9:30pm

Suhoor Set Menu: 10:30 pm to 1:00 am


Iftar Buffet

AED 185 per person

AED 90, for children aged 6-12

Free for children under 6

Suhoor Set Menu

AED 95 per person


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