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Museum of Illusions, Dubai - a treat for all age groups

We recently visited the Museum of Illusions Dubai, and were completely immersed in a world of discovery. Situated in the quaint Al Seef District, the city’s newest Instagram haven and edutainment venue, is fun for the whole family.

The largest branch in the chain’s 14-strong global network, Museum of Illusions Dubai is filled with an array of tricks and mind-boggling puzzles that is certain to keep you hooked.

The museum features a range of illusions, displays and games to suit visitors of all ages. For me, the highlight was the Vortex Tunnel, the first of its kind in the UAE! The tunnel gives you an immediate dizzy feeling. It is as if the ground is shifting under your feet as you navigate through a rotating cylinder – which surprisingly remains a stable and flat surface! Once you get to the other side, you will be certain to try it again. 📷The Mirror Room is equally fun, as is the Infinity Room. Every exploratory area tempts you to resist the laws of gravity and shapes. An unmissable wall of 3D images of Albert Einstein seems to follow you from every angle you may view the famous physicist from. There’s a lot to explore but this blog doesn’t offer spoilers.

It was fun to see children use their minds and not their fingers on their mobiles for a change. Large dice were kept in sequence and we had to work out a way in which they added to 10 on all sides. Fathers and sons were seen making shadows reflected from various colours of light.

The museum encourages visitors to take pictures. There’s a photographic prism which creates a kaleidoscopic effect. Having debuted in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015, six further museums have subsequently opened across Europe and Asia - including the first Gulf branch in Oman. The branch in Dubai is believed to be the largest and was recently opened in 2018.

Designed to amuse, amaze and stimulate the senses, each Museum of Illusions offers a unique visual, educational and tactile experience. With exhibits based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology, every Museum of Illusions boasts physical and optical illusions and a playroom with didactic games and puzzles, where guests are openly encouraged to deviate from traditional museum etiquette.

Tickets for adults are priced at AED 80 per person and AED 60 for children; family package tickets are available at AED 225 (for 2 adults and 2 children). Go on and take your friends and family. You will certainly be thinking outside the box when you leave.

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