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Raising the bar for eye health.

by Daniel Mathias

The BenQ Screenbar is one very astounding piece of technology. It is a simple slim piece of aluminium that can produce a 1000lux-bright LED light at a height of 45cm, which really brightens up a desk or workspace.

Some people might argue that it's just a desk lamp, but more often than not, it provides some exclusive features that you'd never think you'd need on a computer monitor light.

For starters, it has a built-in ambient light sensor that automatically dims or brightens based on your lighting conditions. This is really good for your eye health as it automatically dims (to about 300lux) as you work in the later hours to make sure that the brightness of the light isn't intolerable.

Secondly, it has directional light. This eliminates all the reflections on your desktop monitor that you would otherwise see with an ordinary desk lamp. When you observe the light's direction, you see that it moves straight to your workspace, not reflecting off your screen and imposing a glare on your eyes.

Next, it's able to make sure to not flicker at all, with the help of its non-flicker technology. This is also good for your eyes as flickering lights have been proven to cause eye strain and sometimes even fatigue or blurred vision.

On top of all of this, it's very easy to set up on almost every monitor out there with its unique patented hinge design. It can be mounted onto any screen, and only needs a simple USB-A port to power it, which is standard on almost every desktop.

I think it's a buy that's well worth if you tend to work for multiple hours on end without any breaks. It really is useful, especially in today's scenario where everyone is bound to their desks for almost everything. It costs about 390AED on The prices may tend to differ in other countries.

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