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Rejuvenated, rested and relaxed

There are all kinds of facials. Initially, I was skeptical to go in for a hydra facial. Will they use needles and pins? Would my face have to bear the brunt of harsh lights and chemicals? I wasn’t sure.

My worries were put to rest when I went to the Royal Model Medical Center on Jumeriah Road. This immaculately white venue on one of Dubai’s most luxurious streets, was as inviting as it was calming. Despite the sudden soar in Dubai temperatures, the staff seemed in control and offered me a cool glass of water and did a quick analysis of my skin. The treatment was conducted based on skin type with a specialist who did her best to put me at ease.

First she cleansed my face. As with any other facial, she used a steamer to open the pores of my face. Then came the often unpleasant part of cleaning and suctioning out those nasty blackheads. My specialist Glenda, allowed me to look at the immediate results and soon the cleaning was a thing of the past. My nose felt so soft to touch and free of any white heads as well. Rejuvenated, we went on to step two of the deep cleansing routine. It reminded me of a Cadillac going through a car wash. I was offered an all-natural cooling face mask to hydrate the skin. Suddenly I drifted off in to a deep slumber only to be told the treatment was complete.

I can see clearly now, my skin feels so grateful

One of the many cool machines used to do the job

The center offers all kinds of treatment including dental and laser procedures. It is all conducted under the guidance of trained doctors. My friend Tara Sillery told me about the venue and assured me that I was in safe hands. There’s a new cosmetic surgeon visiting soon and a after a week of receiving so many wonderful compliments, I can’t wait to return.

The centre is open from Saturday to Thursday, 8 am to 7 pm

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Kanika Kapoor
Kanika Kapoor
Mar 16, 2022

What a wonderful way to be kind to yourself!!

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