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Rocketman - taking us on a new high.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Brilliant. Flamboyant. Elegant. All you would want from a music biopic.👑 Loved every inch of this film. Sitting in the first row it seemed even larger than life and somehow that felt like a divine intervention. Have been reading Elton John's book on and off for the past year. Those iconic songs brought back bits of my own happy childhood. Perhaps having listened to Elton John live in Dubai a few weeks after his mother passed, made Your Song more poignant. Flaws? Yes we all have them. Rocketman is about redemption and we could all use a bit of that, now couldn't we. @taron.egerton has simply taken my breath away. Go watch it with your loved ones. I certainly got my money's worth. I will be singing in the shower for a long, long time to come.

(This is an independent review. The above film is for ages 15+ My children only posed for the picture. They watched Toy Story 4) #eltonjohn #aidsfoundation #davidfurnish #loveisthecure #voxcinemas

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