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So, You Think I Can't Dance - a dance workshop for those with special needs.

So, You Think I Can't Dance is an inclusive freestyle dance micro-workshop and movement jam that will take place on Friday, 25 October in Dubai.

This workshop is designed for individuals with special needs who are 13 years and older. People using a wheelchair, crutches, walker, mobility scooter, etc. due to disabilities/disorders are encouraged to attend this adaptive dance event. The free-to-attend workshop will be facilitated by Dubai-raised dance enthusiast and movement explorer Ancy Alexander who is differently-abled herself with Cerebral Palsy.

Her primary dance training has been in Indian classical dance styles Bharatanatyam and Kathak. She continues to train in Bharatanatyam, Contemporary Dance, Yoga and has attended various workshops on Dance Movement Therapy and inclusive dance in India, the US and Dubai. A limited number of spots are available to ensure that each participant gets the maximum benefit of exploring movement on the floor. To confirm a spot at the workshop, full name, age and name of the participant's condition must be emailed to by the 22nd of October 2019.


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