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Dining at Bistro Domino

Dining at Bistro Domino was an intimate experience as I met Executive Chef Alison Kiewiet van Eeden who is as warm as the ambience in the venue. Known to offer over 2 decades of exceptional culinary experience she does not attempt to make her food pretentious.

The Bistro bustles with visitors from all over, some hotel guests from Novotel and Ibis and the neighbouring area.

We try the fresh mixed juices and are not disappointed. The Berry Nice Smoothie is quite refreshing. There is an array of choices Chef Alison hails from South Africa and offers a few dishes from her home country, besides a variety of French, Asian and Western dishes on the menu.

"We get a lot of business clients regularly, who come here with their clients and wish to partake in a healthy meal," says the Chef.

She offers a rare visit to her busy kitchen. Chef Abdul is busy preparing the Amuse-Bouche (served complimentary by the chef's selection) and she jokes that hers is a kitchen where she wants her team to grow. She helps everyone in her team with the plating, "I like to use the ideas of my team as they get the flavour profile perfect."

Back at the dinner table, the smoked salmon with avocado sauce makes an entry. I enjoy the steak while another guest tries the spaghetti pesto. The staff and service are particularly endearing. Waitress Prossy deserves a special mention for her attention to detail.

Being new to Dubai, Chef Alison is not interested in creating hype. She is however committed to offering customers a truly memorable experience. "I'm always changing things to make it interesting."

So what does Chef Alison recommend? Well, "Classic good ole' Dubai mixed grill is very popular at our Bistro," she says adding that they present all the dishes uniquely.

People also try the salmon with Jasmine Rice. However what seems particularly close to the Chef's heart is the Milk tart or Melktert, a famous South African dessert which most South African children have grown up with.

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